Your project is no place to iterate.

That’s why our focus is on creating precisely what you asked for the first time around - no compromises or surprises. Here’s how:


Because all our products are made-to-order, any requested tweaks, replacements, or customizations are easy to render and implement, including:

It’s all done in-house 500+ models. 1,000,000+ options. The choice is yours - we’ll light the way.

Centrally-controlled quality

Your fixture is assembled right here in New Jersey, on one of our 7 assembly lines, with the careful oversight of our engineers and in-house design team. Our production process includes:

High-grade materials
Expert Fabrication
Quality Inspections
Temperature Testing
It’s all done in-house 500+ models. 1,000,000+ options. The choice is yours - we’ll light the way.

Excellence, delivered

If it isn’t perfect, it doesn’t ship, ensuring you unpack the expected: Your pre-tested and inspected fixtures, exactly on time, and exactly to your specifications.

CAD-designed precision
Custom contract designs
Industry-leading warranty.
It’s all done in-house 500+ models. 1,000,000+ options. The choice is yours - we’ll light the way.

Our Story

Doing the Bright Thing Since 1979

It all began with a thermistor disk. The year was 1979 and, at an out-of-the-way tradeshow, our president discovered a technology that would extend the life of an incandescent bulb, while simultaneously reducing labor cost. He adopted this technology, and established a manufacturing plant in Trenton, NJ, to bring this innovative concept to life through commercial applications.

A 40-year-old startup.

We’ve been around (the corner) since our inception. Yet 40 lightyears in, we’re as young, energetic and lean as ever. Inspired by the human drive of reinvention, we pursue first-thinking principles that rewrite the rulebook and rewire our own history.

Still local and surprisingly agile

Despite our growth, we’ve chosen to keep our manufacturing process right here in Trenton, NJ. This gives us the flexibility to respond to your needs faster, communicate better with your team, and tightly control product quality - all while providing skilled labor opportunities to Americans. We are proud to be real human beings, doing real good work, and lifting the community with it.

The Luminaries Next Door

Big minds. Deep hearts. Small attitudes.

It never occurred to us to ride our rich history or glowing reputation. We believe there is no faster line to bright ideas than a perpetually bootstrapping philosophy. Our startup mentality keeps us hustling to do things better, take on the status quo, challenge what tech can do, and turn our industry knowledge into industry change.

ASL champions creativity. We work pins-in-plug with our clients, including interior and lighting designers, repping agencies, distributors, and contractors. Together we push real advances in light technology, maximize light output in every application, and discover new use cases for existing products.

Working as a community is the brightest spot in our day. It’s a better way to work, and it makes our work better: The ASL factory in New Jersey is staffed by local designers, technicians and product developers—all inspired by the ‘freedom to assemble.'

A team plugged into yours

Charles Singer


Carolyn Green


Brian Friedman

Director of Sales

Rick Trotta

Procurement and Production Manager

Monica Maldonado

Operations Associate

Saul Falack

VP of National Sales

Marc Engel



Customer Care Specialist

Boris Chernofsky

Senior Lighting Designer & Engineer